Wednesday, February 19


I have no doubt that I have made the correct decision based on events in my life, but sometime I do need a little verification that I have made the correct decisions.  I have been in grad school for about 2 months now and it has been going OK.  I do have 2 mid terms next week which will be my trail by fire.  I hope I am making the correct choices.

Wednesday, January 29

Freshman English Journal

Back in high school, we had a an assignment during my freshman English class where we would have to write.  Just write something down 3 days a week for the entire semester.  Clueless as to what that meant, after my first semester I had my Journal checked.  It was a C+ if I recall correctly.  Either way, I passed, but I wasn't that good.  So for the next semester I decided to try to get more words on the paper.  One student claimed he wrote the same sentence over and over for his entire journal.  I thought I should at least get more creative.  I instead decided to copy the bible, word for word from Genesis 1:1 to whenever my assignment was completed (the 30 entries or so).  As it turns out I still didn't get an A, but the B I got was good enough for me.  Plus for a week I was able to recite Genesis, so I had that going for me.

Saturday, January 25


I am not entirely sure why I have irrational fear of some things.  I have no fear working on 400 tonne trucks, standing I front of objects that move 100+ mph, public speaking, and studying in a different language.  However, some things may be more difficult than other things to take care of in life.  I still haven't figured out how to overcome the fear of doing these other things, but everyone else is telling me to "just do it".  I suppose I will in fact just do it.  Wish me luck, I'm going in.

Wednesday, January 22

Rebooting the Blog

I have severely neglected my goal of publishing daily.  I figured I will drop this back down to weekly to see what will happen.
Since I have posted last, I have begun a Masters Thesis in Operations Research.  I hope to keep another separate blog up to date with relevant issues and research completed in my studies at UdeM.  Ah yes, I have also begun studying in la langue fran├žaise.  I have refereed to this departure form English as an adventure.  Even two weeks into my program here my french has improved dramatically.  I really do hope that my french will be almost fluent in the next two years.
I also hope to not be doing this every few months.  Another friend of mine is trying to post regularly.  I hope that as I see her post, I will keep posting as well.